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Navy blue laptop bag

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Navy blue laptop bag


Let’s forget how fabulous you going to look wearing this brightly coloured, versatile laptop bag ( that doesnt event look like a boring old laptop bag). Let’s focus on the things you can do while you arent lugging around a enormous bag (did I mention boring ). Or even the fact that these laptop bags will never weigh your shoulders down no matter what you carry in them, coz they are practically weightless, super spacious and water resistant. The Cross Body -Weightless laptop bags are good for daily office or collage wear and is made in peel-free P.U. Its entirely Made in India

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Size: small

Material: P.U.

Wash care: Rub surface with dry clean cloth or slightly damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Do not bleach, tumble dry or wring. Do not expose to detergents, alcohol or petroleum. Do not iron.

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Dimensions 43 × 33 × 5.5 in


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