About Our Products

We design and manufacture in- house all our products. This not only helps us ensure quality but also aids us in achieving one of our fundamental aims i.e. To be as environmentally conscious and beneficial as possible – to produce sustainable fashion. On our part we use vegan leather ( non leather / faux leather) which is cruelty free and environmentally safe. We also employee only Indian artisans and skilled craftsmen to produce beautifully handmade products, thus helping the socio – economical stage. We try and make all stages from sourcing to manufacturing to final packaging sustainable and environmentally happy.

As for Design – With an air of simple styling and colour pops with homemade graphics , our products get you the attention you want!

Sustainable Fashion-

Sustainable fashion can be defined as clothing , shoes , & accessories that are made, marketed , consumed and used responsibly taking into account both environment & socio – economic aspects.

It involves continuous work to improve all stages of product’s life cycle – design, raw materials production , manufacturing, transport, storage, marketing , sale , usage, care , repair & reuse.

It minimizes impact on environment- usage and treatment of natural resources – during sourcing , manufacturing& distribution.

It respects the socio – economic rights of all stakeholders – from farmer to consumer – by aligning with good ethics & best practices.